Cottonmouth Blowjob


The night before the long journey from Nevada to Florida, I hooked up with a guy I met during my first year in Reno. My crush on him has always been there but he was way too timid for me to make a move so I kept my flirting to a low boil, for months. However, he's a sloppy drunk–super messy and loud and very touchy but also informative. At one of the first parties I threw with my roommates, he had told me that his dick was Tumblr famous (Tumblr is the source for most of my collages). Being the image hoarder that I am, I bet him that I had probably seen it already but he was very reluctant to share it with me on his phone. He claimed he'd have to scroll too far to find it, or that it had probably been deleted by now. Fast forward three years later to my fifth going-away party of the summer and a mutual friend of ours brings up the dick pic that got away. But this time, he actually finds not one but three dick pics that definitely had more notes than I was expecting.

Side note: The hastiness of retrieving the images made me question a lot of things about him in a split second. How did he find it so fast? Was it because he took new pics–but if that's true, his dick really is Tumblr famous because they had thousands of notes. But if he didn't take new pics, why was he so eager to share them with me now? What changed in three years? Was it because this was my last night in town and he'd never have to see me again or was it because he was too shy back then? Well hell, if he was too shy, why even bring your damn dick pics up in the first fucking place? Honestly, the way my mind works, I was getting so fucking mad, plus I was drunk and high...

To my surprise though, he has one of the best uncut dicks I've seen yet. It resembles a spear to me, his head was sharply pointed with a subtle gradient from pink coral to pale white while his balls carried the darkest tones on his entire body–he's a pasty ginger. The size was quite appealing as well, I'd call it 'just right.' Not too big, not too small. Let it be known that I am not a fan of big dicks. No ma'am. I'm here for the average–and let me tell you why. I've had big dicks, and they're not fun for me. Y'all seen me, you'll know I'm a little pebble, a twig, ok. I'm fragile. I'm not out here trying to be stretched out, chocked out, and demolished. I enjoy being folded up but he ain't gotta have a fucking bulldozer. Plus, plus, let me say that I much more enjoy making out than anything. So it's not all about the dick.

But, as the party was calming down and he had already left, I knew I would beat myself up if I didn't make one more move. So I texted him just one word and within 20 minutes, I was parking my car at his place. He opens the door with just a shirt on and walks me to his back room. As he sits on the bed, he pulls me down with him and instantly puts it in my mouth. One of my favorite sensations is having a dick get hard in my mouth. While I'm sucking him off, I began to notice more nuances about him that matched his drunken state of mind. He's a hugger when he's drunk but he doesn't know his own strength so when he hugs too hard he quickly loosens up and rapidly apologizes. He did the same mannerisms while I sucked him off. He was rough, like very rough, pushing my head down and forcing me to take all of him. And when I tried to come back up or express that I'd had enough, he would rapidly stroke my head or pat my hair. It made me want him more honestly, so I went in for a kiss and he reciprocated! And I was pissed! He had brushed his teeth when he got home from the party! I didn't have time to do the same and felt so embarrassed about how horrible my breath must have been. His mouthwash was loud so I can only imagine how bad mine was, let alone that I hit the blunt right before I drove to his place.

With that in mind, my mouth was beginning to dry out. I was upset about it and he could tell so we switched places–I was not expecting this. He took all of me with ease, so it seemed because even his gagging sounded usual. I remember him tasting my precum and saying it was interesting...Fast forward to me actually cumming all over the both of us and he instantly rubs it over me and my hair, and my face. I push him off of me and he comes back with the softest neck nibbles while his hands travel back down to my dick, "Wow, you're still hard," he says. "Duh, it's cause I really like you." He slightly chuckles, "but like, you're really hard." He gets one more drop of cum out of me and pulls me upstairs to take a shower.

He starts the water and stands under the showerhead with open arms. He holds me for about five minutes then we actually shower. I tell him, "I wish this wasn't my last night because we could've been doing this years ago." His body language made up for his silence. As we're drying off, my eyes are glued to his penis in the light. I'm still stunned. We get dressed and with one last hug, I told him goodbye and he told me to have a good life.