Getting Cozy

Collage Bedroom, 2019 DePaul Vera

Collage Bedroom, 2019 DePaul Vera

Work on you, for you.

I got another shipment from Reno last week and it had all the images from my thesis. My walls were purposefully untouched because I was waiting for these. I kept some of the compositions as before but it was fun to see what new ones would form when in contact with some Miami flare. My main thing when deciding placement is keeping in mind an image’s relationship to each other: either by color, story, history, or actual interaction. It’s funny when they react to each other, then narratives begin to change and expand.


What was most consistent throughout this collage was Lana Del Rey’s presence. I’m not sure if it’s because she absolutely knocked her new album out of the park or if I’m too enamored by her aesthetic. Either way, I really enjoyed mixing her lyrics. It effortlessly highlighted my everyday internal struggle with confronting the stigma around interracial couples. At times, I not only feel guilty when I find a White male attractive, but I am often betrayed by my desires quite often. I believe that is due to society’s construct on manipulating desire, however, a friend of mine reassured me that I am not the only one who lives their life in a state of questioning while trying to turn pain into peace.

My roomy got me this shirt.

Here’s to my thesis. I miss this show and am forever grateful for all my friends and volunteers who made it possible.

All my love.