They say if you’re honest and say what you feel then you’ll get what you want.
-Assasination Nation

I'm two months shy from a year in Miami Beach and according to a few friends, I've drastically changed. I'm a hypocrite who prides himself on burning bridges and avoids platonic commitment. Apparently, my morals don't align with my words and actions, therefore I am a shitty individual.

This scenario has been a constant annoyance in my life across multiple friendships. I establish a too-good-to-be-true friendship then circumstances offer me or them an opportunity that forces us to separate and the friendship of course fades. But isn't that life? People come and go, right? Or am I truly that selfish? Am I wrong for focusing on bettering my life? But I become a hypocrite when my attention is shifted from them to myself? People change, feelings change, you grow and learn. Respectively, wouldn't my morals adapt as well?

I will admit I have always been an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of friend. If you're not in my day to day vicinity, I tend to fade. But I find it difficult to think it's hard for people to grasp that fact. However, social media has certainly helped catapult the maintenance of relationships. All the little interactions we have available at our fingertips help preserve that bond across distances. We're able to listen to the same song in real time, send article links, send voice memos, screenshots, memes, accounts, quotes, photos, notes, thoughts, videos, the list goes on. But all this is never enough and will never replace face to face communication and time spent – which is my love language, ironically.

Anyways, welcome to the journey of DePaul just trying to understand himself more.