Pantone Challenge

"It’s ok to show all your colors."
-Luis Guzman

After doing research on Pantone this past week, I felt a burning desire to become a part of everything they stand for. Embracing all colors - a deeper lesson we all could learn from. But the line that sold me:

Pantone is the global authority of color. The GLOBAL Authority of color. Say that out loud. Let it consume you. Like it did for me.

Kingman, Arizona

Within a moment, behind my eyes were visions of colors and conversations with colorists that made my heart sing. Immediately I wanted to talk about my internalized oppression with black, and how I've found solace in different shades of black. Or how I've come to understand the color of my aura is specifically yellow and what that means living as a walking ball of sunshine. I'm content with being an approachable person, I've accepted it, but through the Pantone Challenge of posting a color(s) a day(week), I now want to explore all my colors to help understand every part of myself that I've neglected, that I love, that I despise. What other way to do that than look through Pantone's colossal archive of color to pinpoint exact emotions and moments.

Scenery in Lupton, Arizona

This Pantone Challenge has me excited for a lot of things for the new year. Particularly the release of my greeting cards and notes. Handmade Christmas letters have been my guilty pleasure for the past 5 years. The few who have received snail mail from me hold a special place in my heart because I not only seal them with a kiss but I thoroughly enjoy writing personal notes. It brings a level of human decency back to reality for me, therefore I decided, instead of feeling that way only once a year why not every day? So here we go!

The first release is the Cuddle Buddy Application (CBA) - so clarity is apparent. Personally, even before my move to Miami, I've found it difficult to find someone to hold and vice versa. Correctly reading others' intentions is one of my proudest mastered skills, however, translation is lost when their actions don't match their words. To make it easy for myself and others, I introduce my version of the CBA. Send it your lover, send it to your hookup, send it to whoever keeps giving you those mixed signals, let's clear it up.

Mama and I at her 50th Birthday Bash.

Wishing you all a happy new year. Join me on my journey to find some happiness this year. I have some more releases that I can't wait to share with you all but let's enjoy the ride. I love y'all.